Happy May!

It’s finally May, which happens to be my most favorite month of the year because my birthday is coming up soon *_*!

When I was in California a few months ago, I saw a mall kiosk selling terrariums. I really wanted one, but I didn’t know how to bring it back to the East coast. So since the weather around here has finally warmed up, my friend Phana and I decided to try and make our own. It was super easy to repot the plants and really enjoyable. I actually wish I had more plants to repot. I think Phana will be posting a tutorial on her blog soon, so I’ll link to it whenever she gets around to doing it.



Bamboo container – Ikea // Aloe plant – Home Depot // Small succulents – Home Depot

Black pot – Home Depot // Herb – My mom’s garden // White pot – Ikea // Lavender – Local Nursery

I didn’t see a clear glass container anywhere I went, so I decided to go with this bamboo container from Ikea. I really like the simplicity of it. If you’re interested in getting into planting too, I really recommend going to Ikea first to buy your pots and plants. The pots and plants there are cheaper and much cuter than Home Depot and my local nursery. We got the activated charcoal on Amazon and bought the cactus soil for $5 at the nursery.

Also! My friend, Anna, and I have started a new blog together called Curiosity Found. It’ll mainly be focused around reviews for beauty products, fashion products, and restaurants. We don’t have many posts yet since we’ve just started, but we expect to be more active once summer hits.

Here are some posts that we have so far:

Wholemade by Jen – Lavender Body Lotion

Etude House Play Nail Polish #113

Have a great weekend :)

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  1. I never thought about looking at Ikea to get planters, but I’ll have to try it out this summer! Hope you’ve been having a good weekend so far xx

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