Cou Cou 315円 Mini Haul

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Whew! I haven’t done one of these “haul” posts for a while. I’ve been busy with work recently so I haven’t been able to go out and explore as much. After work today, I wandered around the area and came across a Cou Cou store. It’s similar to Daiso, except everything is 315円. In return for it being 210円 more expensive, their selection is much cuter and the quality is a tad bit less shambled. I had to refrain from buying too many things, but here are a few of the items I did get.

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Two strawberry glasses for 315円~ I was drinking out of the carton but now I won’t have to, yey!

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Two small hand towels for 315円! A lot of the public restrooms (especially at stations) won’t have paper towels (or soap), so I got these for those inconvenient moments.

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A mini heart pillow & mini rabbit pillow for 315円 each. My room still has a very sterile feel to it, so I’m trying to make it more cozy with adorable home goods.

I’ll be working nearly every day in February, aside from two days off where I’ll be off snowboarding. This means I may not be as active as blogging as I used to be (was I even an active blogger?). Aside from this, I’ve also gotten into experimenting with YouTube videos that you can view here. It’s a little more fun to edit videos than photos so I’ve been slacking on taking pictures~~~

2 thoughts on “Cou Cou 315円 Mini Haul

  1. Aww, everything you got is so cute! I’ve only been to the Daiso in Taiwan, and while I love how cheap everything is, I must agree that some of the products also feel very cheap :/
    I especially love the bunny pillow, that’s too adorable >_<

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