2014 Pacific Miss Asian American

Hello blogosphere!

One of the many reason why I’ve been absent from blogging is because I’ve been super busy with a pageant. That’s right, you heard me, a beauty pageant! It’s my first one and we had our preliminary round in July. I was super nervous at the time but have managed to be selected as one of the finalists to move into the next round.

There is a popularity portion, and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would vote for me! In order to vote, you just need to like my photo on the pageant’s Facebook page.

2014 Pacific Miss Asian American - Mai Nguyen

Click on the photo above, or click here to vote for me.

Many thanks :)!

I shall be back with a post outlining my journey through this pageant in more detail later.

Tamagawa Hanabi | たまがわ花火

One of my most favorite things to photograph are fireworks! Unfortunately, I missed the festivities for July 4th this year, but I do have a ton of photos that I took at a firework festival last year in Japan. I feel as if the 花火(hanabi or firework) season in Japan is almost over now that it’s August. However, one of the best firework festival (in my opinion) is the Tamagawa Hanabi! It’s actually two firework festivals along the same river on the same day at the same time. My friends and I sat on the Kawasaki City side, but we could definitely see the Setagaya fireworks from where we were (and I remember them being better).

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90s Themed Photoshoot

Hello everyone! I’ve been crazy busy with tons of things in my personal life recently. One of those things being a 90s themed photoshoot. Frank, of Fashions by Le Tam, wanted to put together a lookbook for a 90s themed event for the UNAVSA after party this year. So he got us all together and styled us using a lot of items from our own closet.

All photos are by the talented Hung Tran.

Makeup & hair by Thoa Nguyen.


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