90s Themed Photoshoot

Hello everyone! I’ve been crazy busy with tons of things in my personal life recently. One of those things being a 90s themed photoshoot. Frank, of Fashions by Le Tam, wanted to put together a lookbook for a 90s themed event for the UNAVSA after party this year. So he got us all together and styled us using a lot of items from our own closet.

All photos are by the talented Hung Tran.

Makeup & hair by Thoa Nguyen.


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My first scented candle

I’ve also gotten over one of my biggest fears recently.

Japanese Water Lily – Chesapeake Bay Candle



I bought my first candle ever.

I’ve actually been afraid of fire my entire life because of a small fire we had in our house when I was a child. It kind of terrified me to a point where I could never light candles for birthday cakes and I would always blow out all the candles in the house during a blackout.

I know this sounds silly, but I would get really envious of bloggers and vloggers who talked about their awesome smelling candles. I was always too afraid of catching the house on fire to get my own.

I wanted my room to smell nice, but I found sprays and plug-in scents to smell too harsh and synthetic. So while browsing Target the other day, I came across the candle isle with my friends. We went around smelling candles and I fell in love with this one. It was a light, clean, flowery scent inside of a cute jar.

I decided to buy it along with a candle lighter to overcome my fear of fire.

When I got home, I was really excited to light my candle and fill my room with its scent. To be honest, I was actually afraid of using the candle lighter at first because of the slight possibility that it would explode in my hand. But after successfully lighting it the first time, I realized how easy it was.

And that is how I overcame my fear of fire.

The candle scent also motivated me to clean my room. Double yay! I couldn’t find this candle or line of “Pure Natural” by Chesapeake Bay Candle anywhere online, so it might only be sold in-stores at Target.

Also! I’ve basically finished this candle in the time it took me to post this, but I’ve already picked up my next candle :).